Group Travel

Groups are an important part of our business at Let’s Travel of Jacksonville. We have worked with many groups and have negotiated with the various airlines to acquire the lowest group airfares possible. We have booked groups as large as 250 people and more. There is no limit to the number of people we can accommodate in our groups. We always negotiate with airlines to provide the best airfares with schedules that are convenient and meet your needs.

Group travel in the cruise industry is a great fund raising opportunity for any organization. It’s actually the perfect fund raiser! You enjoy the time of your life, while saving money on your cruise, and your organization actually earns money just because you are there. It’s wonderful!! We are also able to arrange special functions for our cruise groups, such as special cocktail parties or private meeting spaces. We even arranged a full exercise class, for one of our sales groups, early in the morning before their meetings began on the ship; so there is nothing we will not do for our groups. Whatever your need may be, we will work to make it happen. Email and let us know your needs.